Testimonials: Laura and Jeff

My husband and I debated whether to pay for a videographer for our wedding. You hear everyone say this, but it is true: this is the best money you will spend on the whole wedding. And we were INCREDIBLY lucky to find Jim Barcus and Streetcar Studios. They know how to capture the most important, unique, truly "you" moments and they create the most amazing 5-minute, perfect "movie" experience of your wedding. 

Jim took the time to get to know us. He met us before the wedding and wanted all of the details about our wedding. He showed up at our rehearsal to prepare for his shots and then BEAT ME TO THE WEDDING! He knew more about what was going on than our wedding planner. And the final product is incredible. I can't imagine not having the memories that Jim was able to provide us. Upon request and for a slight charge, he provided us with the entire uncut version of the wedding footage. I can't imagine how long that took him, because they had hours upon hours of footage. If you've ever wanted to be the star of a movie, Jim Barcus is your guy. I promise you, 100% guarantee, you will be happy you chose him. He is an artist. 

{Laura and Jeff, Overland Park, KS}